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Circus came to town and I got the assignment. As with many photographers I know, right after a food shoot (where I get to eat the product) the ‘go and see what you find’ type of an assignment is my favorite.

When photographing for the paper I use an image to pass on the information that communicates the facts of the situation. A photograph or a collection of them tells a story of who, what and where happened. Maybe even why and how this happened. When photographing for myself, I only need to record as much or as little as I deem necessary to communicate what I saw and thought about it.

Less seems to be more in my current aesthetic and intimacy precedes the literal.

The fact that we all can assign value to moments, people and objects, and this value is ought to be honored because we all are thought to matter, is very good for us photographers. This means that we all get to keep out jobs and even get some Facebook likes as each photographers’ new perspective is validated by their respective audiences.

We identify points in time and record them for further examination. We attribute significance to objects and places based on how we think and feel about the scene in question. And as photographers, we hope that we succeed in passing on our enchantment for others to perceive.

razgova_circus02razgova_circus04 razgova_circus06 razgova_circus09 razgova_circus11 razgova_circus12 razgova_circus13 razgova_circus14

A few more images and a conversation on the topic can be found here on The National’s photo blog.

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